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Introducing the new World Handicap System™


With the beginning of 2020, the golfing world has adopted the new World Handicap System™.  For those of us who have been operating under the former USGA Handicap System, the changes are relatively modest.  We have provided a number of links with information for all players about these changes on the Handicap Page of our website.


Please take the time to review this information, to minimize any questions or confusion you may have.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any one of our Golf Staff, or any member of the Handicap Committee.


The Handicap Committee can be reached at


New Handicap Committee Officers

The DVCC Handicap Committee held elections for our new Chairman and Vice Chairman at our October 13 meeting and would like to announce that Mr. Geoff Brown is our new Chairman and Mr. Mark Sherrill is our new Vice Chairman.


The Committee noted that Mr. Harry Featherstone and Mr. George Paris will complete their memberships on the Committee at the end of the calendar year. They have served the Committee well during their tenure and we thank them for their service to both the Committee and the overall golf program at DVCC.



New MGA Board Members Elected

At the MGA Fall Dinner on November 9, Bob Garrigan and Brandon Koethe were re-elected to continue to serve on the MGA Board. Additionally, George Rudy, who was already serving as the Treasurer for the MGA, was elected as a new Board Member for 2018. George replaces George Paris, who is stepping down after serving on the Board as the Sponsorship Chairman. We thank George Paris for his outstanding contributions to the MGA. 



Handicap Committee Announces Scheduled Peer Review Dates

The Handicap Committee conducts random peer reviews throughout the golf year to audit the timely posting of scores for acceptable rounds completed. Alternating between a weekday and weekend day, the Committee compares the tee sheet of players recorded as playing with scores actually posted to a Member's GHIN record. When a score is noted as not posted, the Committee may correspond with the Member to determine whether or not the round should have been posted.


To assist Members in knowing when these audits are scheduled, the Committee has published its planned schedule of reviews. Please take a moment to note these dates.

2020 Palmer Cup Results

Dennis Gates and Bill Ogden are the Palmer Cup Champions for 2020 after winning the Shootout on August 16. You can access the Tournament Payout Matrix through the following Palmer Cup results link.


You can see a picture of the champions through the following Champions picture link.


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