Club Champions

Club Champs

Year   Champion 
2019   Adam Natysin
2018   Michael Goehring

2017  Michael Goehring 

2016  Michael Goehring 

2015   Jordan Pastor 

2014   John Norell 

2013   Brandon Koethe 

2012   Russ Fricke 

2011   P.J. Leonard

2010   Jordan Pastor

2009   Craig Gronendaal

2008   Russ Fricke

2007   Doug Callison

2006   Craig Gronendaal

2005   Russ Fricke

2004   Ron Cooke 

Senior Champs

Year     Champion

2019     Doug Callison

2018     Doug Callison

2017     Doug Callison

2016     Jeff Johns

2015     Doug Callison 

2014     John Treires 

2013     Jeff Johns 

2012     Jeff Johns

2011     Jim McGuire

2010     Steve Fox

2009     Jeff Johns

2008     Steve Fox

2007     Jeff Johns

2006     Dale Smith

2005     Steve Fox

2004     Bob Brown (Net)

Course Record

Craig Groenendaal recorded a score of 64 (twice) from the Blue Tees, with the second coming during the 2009 season.

If you should tie or break this record round, please make sure the pro shop has a copy of your score card for acknowledgement and posting to the MGA Website.


Tip for Registering for a Tournament


When registering for a tournament in Golf Genius, you will be asked to provide your member number. This number is the first letter of your last name, followed by 4 digits. So if your membership number is Z99, you will enter Z0099. For invitational members, use 08 followed by your 3 digit number (i.e. 08XXX). 

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