MGA and Club Committee Contacts

The MGA has authorized three standing committees—the Tournament Committee, the Communications and Membership Committee, and the Sponsorship Committee. In addition, the MGA maintains a close liaison relationship with two Club standing committees—the Rules Committee and Handicap Committee.


MGA Committees


The Tournament Committee is responsible for formulating, scheduling, planning, and conducting all MGA-sponsored tournaments. Jeremy Hughes and Daryle Wingerter will serve as co-chairs of this committee. Jeremy can be reached at or at 202-271-1916. Daryle can be reached at or 703-231-4414.  


The Communications and Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining a MGA membership directory and coordinating communication activities between the Board and MGA membership. Chris Brader is serving as the 2017 chair and can be reached at, 419-356-9988. Pete Cornell will serve as the Membership coordinator and can be contacted at or 703-386-8614.

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for leading MGA efforts to obtain monetary sponsorship support, including setting sponsorship levels, acquiring sponsors, and ensuring that sponsorship commitments are met. Bob Borgia is serving at the 2018 chair and can be reached at or 571-261-9537.

Club Committees

The role of the Rules Committee is to serve as the local experts with regard to interpretation of the Rules of Golf at Dominion Valley Country Club—including development of local rules, resolution of rules disputes, education, and officiating at selected competitions and events. No chair is currently identified.

The role of the Handicap Committee is to ensure that all members of Dominion Valley Country Club comply with the USGA Handicap System—including ensuring that scores are posted, all elements of the USGA Handicap System are followed, and the integrity of the handicapping system is maintained. Harry Featherstone serves as the 2017 chair and can be contacted at, 703-798-7105.


Tip for Registering for a Tournament


When registering for a tournament in Golf Genius, you will be asked to provide your member number. This number is the first letter of your last name, followed by 4 digits. So if your membership number is Z99, you will enter Z0099. For invitational members, use 08 followed by your 3 digit number (i.e. 08XXX). 

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